Our regulation helps to make Ca'Roer a dream environment

To make your stay more pleasant and relaxing, we invite you to respect some rules for a peaceful coexistence between guests.

The outdoor spaces and the large room on the first floor are common areas, access to which is allowed to all guests of the structure, therefore we invite you not to leave personal items in the areas indicated above. The same indication applies to stairs, garages and the barbecue.
The barbecue is for common use by all guests of the structure, therefore guests are invited to leave it clean and tidy after use, including the utensils and grill used.
The use of the tables and deck chairs is common to all guests of the structure, so please always leave them clean and in good condition. Also please put them away in the evening.
Smoking is allowed only and exclusively in the external spaces of the structure, please also do not leave dirty ashtrays in the common areas.
Please respect the indications for separate collection. The external bins collect the waste of the entire structure, if each one respects the indications it facilitates the disposal work and avoids unpleasant fines that the municipality issues in the event of non-compliance with the rules.
The laundry room is for common use, please do not leave personal items after washing and only use your own soap.
In the evening, please turn off the lights in the common areas to avoid unnecessary waste.
Please use water avoiding unnecessary waste given the particularly dry period.
The games are available to all guests of the structure, so please store them after use in an orderly manner in the spaces provided. In case of loss or breakage of any game, please inform the Management.
Access is allowed to your four-legged friends always in respect of decorum and common coexistence.
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